What are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Agent in UAE?

MAS is a certified Tax Agent in UAE. Our Tax Experts have handled and controlled a lot of situations and provided the best suitable solutions to the companies to corroborate that businesses will constantly operate in a smooth and efficient way.

MAS tax agents can also help you understand the new Corporate Tax Law, learn about the UAE Corporate Tax, and identify the best way to implement the corporate tax in your business.

MAS is FTA Approved Tax Agency in Dubai. Being a registered Tax Agent in UAE, We ensure VAT compliance to serve all businesses.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Agent in UAE?

A tax agent can handle all the tax affairs of a company, whilst the business owner and key management employees can focus on other important duties. The following are the core benefits of hiring a tax agent in the UAE:

    • Assists in Tax Preparations, Assessments & Representations.
    • Helps You Save Money and Time.
    • Assists in Tax Registration, Implementation, and Compliance.
    • Assists You in Filing Your Returns Timely & Accurately.
    • Acts as a Long-Term Advisor.
    • Sharing the responsibility for tax compliance.
    • Legal represent your company in FTA.
    • Support your company in FTA tax audit.
    • Records review by Tax Agent expert.

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