How to apply for Reconsideration Request?

If you have been assessed a penalty for non-compliance with tax regulations, we are here to help. Follow the steps below to request a reconsideration of the penalty:

            Penalty assessment:

A penalty may be assessed if you fail to comply with tax regulations or make errors in your tax filings. Penalties may vary depending on the type of violation and the amount of tax owed. Penalties may be assessed for:

  • Failure to register for tax.
  • Late filing of excise tax returns.
  • Late payment of tax.
  • Failure to maintain proper records.
  • Failure to comply with tax regulations.
  • Providing false or misleading information to tax authorities.

    Penalty reconsideration process:

  • To request a reconsideration of a penalty, you must submit a written request to MAS Tax Agency within 40 business days of receiving the penalty notice. Your request should include a detailed explanation of why you believe the penalty was assessed in error, as well as any supporting documentation that proves your compliance with tax regulations or shows that the penalty was miscalculated.

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