What are the Types of Corporate Tax Planning?

Corporate tax planning is essential for businesses in the UAE that want to minimize their tax liabilities. We have a qualified team of expert tax agents who can help you find ways to lower your payable tax income while adhering to tax laws and compliance obligations.

With proper planning, corporate tax can have a huge impact on the financial structure of medium to large-scale organizations in the UAE. 

♦ At MAS, we aspire to help businesses come up with an effective tax plan that stays sustainable amidst the ever-changing tax laws in the UAE. Types of Corporate Tax Planning:

1) Purposive Tax Planning

Purposive tax planning is the process of developing a tax strategy based on specific business objectives.

2) Permissive Tax Planning

Permissive tax planning is about utilizing permissible tax activities such as exemptions and concessions to lower the payable tax income.

3) Short-Range Tax Planning

This type of tax planning is about utilizing short-term tactics at the end of the year to achieve your desired tax objectives.

4) Long-Range Tax Planning

Long-range tax planning is about coming up with long-term tax formwork that results in positive long-term returns.

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