Which supplies are subject to VAT at zero-rate?

The following supplies are subject to VAT at the zero rate as an exception, provided that certain conditions for each (as mentioned in the legislation) are met:

  • Export of goods and services.
  • International transport of goods and passengers, and transport-related services.
  • Certain means of transport, such as trains, sea vessels and aircraft, and goods and services related to such means of transport.
  • First supply of residential buildings (lease or sale) within 3 years of finalizing their construction.
  • Airplanes and marine vessels designed for the purpose of rescue or aid through air or sea.
  • Certain precious investment metals.
  • First supply of buildings specifically designed for charitable institutions (lease or sale).
  • First supply of buildings that were converted from non-residential to residential units (lease or sale).
  • Crude oil and natural gas.
  • Certain educational services and related goods and services.
  • Necessary and preventive healthcare services and related goods and services.

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