Corporate Tax Planning Services in UAE​

Corporate tax planning services in UAE are about conducting a thorough financial analysis of a corporation to find ways to minimize and optimize corporate tax payments. At MAS Tax Agency, we have extensive experience in corporate financial management, and we can help you plan your corporate tax while minimizing the non-compliance penalties.

We are FTA Agency corporate tax consultants in the UAE offering expert tax planning services to taxable persons in the UAE.
As the UAE government has announced to impose of a corporate tax starting from 1st June 2023, corporations are looking to review and refine their financial structure to accommodate the tax change. This is where MAS comes in!
We can help you plan an efficient tax strategy that you can implement to lower your tax payments while ensuring legal compliance at the same time.

Why is Corporate Tax Planning Important?

Corporate tax planning is essential for businesses in the UAE that want to minimize their tax liabilities. We have a qualified team of expert tax agents who can help you find ways to lower your payable tax income while adhering to tax laws and compliance obligations.

With proper planning, corporate tax can have a huge impact on the financial structure of medium to large-scale organizations in the UAE. 

♦ At MAS, we aspire to help businesses come up with an effective tax plan that stays sustainable amidst the ever-changing tax laws in the UAE. Primary Objective of Corporate Tax Planning:

What are the Types of Corporate Tax Planning?

1) Purposive Tax Planning

Purposive tax planning is the process of developing a tax strategy based on specific business objectives.

2) Permissive Tax Planning

Permissive tax planning is about utilizing permissible tax activities such as exemptions and concessions to lower the payable tax income.

3) Short-Range Tax Planning

This type of tax planning is about utilizing short-term tactics at the end of the year to achieve your desired tax objectives.

4) Long-Range Tax Planning

Long-range tax planning is about coming up with long-term tax formwork that results in positive long-term returns.

Why Choose MAS Services?

FTA-Registered Corporate Tax Experts

MAS has a team of FTA Agents with expertise in handling complex corporate tax-related affairs. Our expert consultants can also help you with legal representation in front of the federal tax authority in the UAE.

Custom-Planning As Per Corporate Needs

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. We look at your specific business activities and come up with a tax plan that works for your business. We tailor the entire tax planning process to meet your business needs in the best possible way.

Experienced Tax Agents & Legal Professionals

Our tax agents, chartered accountants, and legal professionals have years of practical experience in representing clients in front of the FTA. Our professionals will guide you to the best of their abilities, to ensure that you don’t have any kind of issues in meeting CT compliance obligations.

Honesty, Trust, & Commitment

We believe in delivering an excellent quality of services backed by honesty, trust, and commitment. We go out of our way during the corporate tax planning process to come up with an effective tax strategy that brings you positive long-term gains.

Professional Corporate Tax Planning Services in UAE

MAS Tax Agency is the leading corporate tax planning service in UAE with expertise in handling complex corporate tax affairs. Our expert agents offer custom services catering to your specific business needs. From initial assessment to planning and filing tax returns, we give you a complete roadmap that you can follow to stay on top of your corporate tax filing needs.

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