Financial Audit Services in UAE​​

The objective of a financial audit is to add credibility to the financial position and performance of a business. Through financial audit services, a company can be able to unlock valuable and worthy insights into the business.

A financial audit helps to identify the issues occurring in the internal management and critical deep insights that can help the company to address the present and future threats and challenges to take decisions accordingly. MAS is one of the best audit firms in UAE – Dubai. 

Financial Statement Audit

A financial statement audit ensures that the financial statement is in line with the reporting standards and follows the rules and regulations of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Accounting Standards (IAS), and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS). Our financial auditors will study the financials with optimum care and high attention and prepare an accurate and authentic financial statement audit report.

Enhancing Your Credibility

Financial statement audit services are one of the major service offerings of  MAS’s professional services to its clients. For many years, MAS has sought continued excellence in this service – adopting new technologies, implementing new methodologies, and staying at the forefront of current developments, including cyber security, regulatory changes and ISA, and IFRS.

Changes in the regional and global economy are always affecting businesses. So it becomes vital that a trusted firm is next to you to help navigate the economic and accounting issues through the revised and new accounting standards and changing regulatory conditions.

With all our expertise, we, MAS, offer financial statements audit services to guide you through the uncertainties of change and risk.

MAS offers a partner-led approach, which is conscious of the need for its clients to provide high-level technical service. Our service is backed up to meet the deadlines, attention to detail and respecting clients’ time and schedules, whether the client is publicly listed, is a privately held company, a not-for-profit entity, a government department or a small entity.

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