Internal Audit Services in UAE

Internal Audit Services in Dubai help an organization achieve its strategic objectives by implementing a disciplined and systematic approach. Internal audit services will enhance the growth of the company by evaluating and improving the productivity, performance, and effectiveness of risk management.

The internal audit enables a business to increase the efficiency of the organization’s operations by analyzing and controlling the risk factors. MAS is one of the best and approved audit firm in Dubai.

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve business operations. Internal audit helps the top management and board of directors to identify and analyze the risks and threats that will impact the stability and performance of the company. Through an internal audit, the company will be able to overcome the risks and threats or at least minimize the impact.

Scope of work for Internal Auditors​

MAS Internal Auditors in Dubai help organizations enhance the quality, effectiveness, and value received from internal audit. Internal audit services in Dubai ensures that the company is operating properly, reasonably, and heading towards the right direction, by achieving the objectives and goals of the business. To do this, internal auditors work with an organization to systematically review its systems and business operations. Internal auditor serves with many key principal tasks such as risk assessment, documentation, control assessment, testing, and reporting.

Internal audit may also involve conducting fraud audits to identify potentially fraudulent acts which are participating in fraud investigations under the direction of fraud investigation professionals, and conducting post investigation fraud audits to identify control breakdowns and establish financial loss.

Internal Audit Advisory​

Internal audit advisory helps the organization to understand the areas of improvement. Our professional and certified internal auditors will provide a recommendation to enhance the performance of the operational activities of the company and bring value to the business.

 Internal audit services deliver insights and foresight across your business to tackle the future and helps to build confidence to move faster and act decisively.

Advantages of Internal Audit Services​

MAS’s professional internal auditors conduct the complete internal audit project on behalf of the client and prepare a professional and standardized internal audit report that will help the organization in many ways, such as:

Internal Auditors​

MAS internal auditors are providing the best internal audit services in Dubai. Audit services are one of our strengths. MAS’s professional internal auditors dig deep and see areas in your organization that need attention and help you to embed control by providing the best internal audit services in Dubai.

MAS auditor aims to be effective and add maximum value to the organization by addressing the right risks and by identifying the opportunities to increase the potential and efficiency of the company to meet the strategic objective. Internal audit will boost the performance of your company by maximizing the output and minimizing the risk and threats.

Internal audit will also ensure that the organization’s policies are implemented properly and effectively. MAS is providing quality internal audit services and we recommend that the companies in UAE must conduct internal audits once a year. For internal audit services, contact us.

How Can We Help?

MAS offer tailored financial assistance solutions and internal audit consulting services that empower companies to grow and overcome corporate challenges towards achieving their business goals.

MAS internal audit specialists adopt a risk-based approach in evaluating the client’s operational effectiveness, financial systems and controls and compliance with laws and regulations. In addition to that, while preparing our audit plan and report, we also consider challenges and opportunities applicable to the organization. Our internal audit report also contains recommendations for the firm to implement, which are formulated keeping in mind the firm’s objectives and limitations.

We also strongly believe in actively following-up with the firm’s management regarding implementation of the recommendations in the audit report.

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