VAT Health Check Services in UAE

MAS tax agency is providing the best VAT health services in UAE to help businesses identifying their errors and fix them timely. The scope of work for a VAT health check in UAE will include:

  • Review of accounting records;
  • Assessment of quarterly VAT returns;
  • Review of VAT invoice formatting;
  • Analysis of input and output VAT calculation;
  • Reconciliation of accounting records and VAT return filings;
  • Identification of technical mistakes;
  • Organization of all the tax or VAT related documents as per tax year;
  • Implementation of FTA VAT laws;
  • Ensure that the goods/services qualify as taxable supply and VAT is properly calculated.
  • Ensure that the Sales Order Processing system is automatically generating correct VAT values by reference to the customer or type of goods or service, country, and designated zones as per VAT Law;
  • Assistance in preparation of VAT Audit files with complete audit trail;
  • Preparing VAT Voluntary Disclosures Form 211, if required to rectify errors made in filed VAT return;
  • Analysis of the data;
  • Identifying risks and concerns;
  • Identifying opportunities;
  • Suggesting remedies in areas of risks.

Benefits of VAT Health Check in UAE

There are many advantages of the VAT health check in the UAE. Your business will avoid all kinds of VAT fines from FTA after conducting a complete VAT health check process. Following are the main benefits of VAT health check in UAE:

  • VAT compliance in all operations of the business;
  • VAT planning;
  • VAT compliant documentation;
  • VAT audit files;
  • Assure timely VAT submissions;
  • Assurance of you the accuracy of VAT calculations;
  • Avoidance from VAT fines.

VAT Health Check MAS Team

Our tax agents have a wide range of experience in all kinds of business industries. Our professional tax agent specialists will assist you in many ways to ensure complete VAT compliance of your company as per the FTA’s rules and regulations. After conducting a VAT health check, our VAT experts will grade your company based on passed and failed checks.

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