VAT Return Filing Services in UAE

MAS is offering quality and timely VAT return filing services in UAE on a monthly and quarterly basis. All the VAT returns must be submitted online using the FTA e-Services portal. If your business fails to file VAT return on a timely basis or submit wrong VAT return filing then the business will incur VAT audit and VAT penalties from the FTA.

The form which is used to submit the VAT return is known as VAT201.

Scope of work for VAT return filing

Our Tax Agents in MAS can assist and support you by submitting VAT return filing:

  • Our Tax Agents will visit your company on a monthly or quarterly basis to gather and compile the financial information for filing the VAT Return.
  • At the end of each VAT return period, MAS will prepare the VAT return as per the rules and regulations of the FTA on behalf of your company.
  • MAS will ensure that the VAT returns are filed within the specified time in each tax period.
  • MAS will ensure that all the financial operations of your company are VAT compliant and must follow the VAT laws as per FTA.
  • MAS will review and verify the VAT related transactions to ensure that the correct VAT amount is being charged on sales as output tax and the VAT charged by the supplier is claimed correctly.
  • MAS will provide suggestions and opinions as per the latest VAT trends and updates to ensure compliance to avoid VAT penalties from FTA.

Our Tax Agents will surely be available to represent your company in case of a VAT audit from the FTA representatives, (if required).

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